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genobia jeter

Genobia Jeter

b. Genobia Jeter, Washington D.C., Washington State, U.S.A.

Genobia Jeter is the niece of legendary gospel performer Reverend Julius Cheeks and cousin of disco diva Julie Cheeks.

Genobia JeterGenobia Jeter

She signed to the Savoy label in 1979 and released the gospel albums 'Heaven' (1979), 'Things 'Have' Got To Get Better' (1981) and 'Genobia Jeter' (1981), including a duet with Glenn Jones, 'Not Just For Today'.

Genobia Jeter LabelThings Have Got To Get Better

heaven 1979 / things have got to get better - 1981

On the gospel scene she has the nickname 'Doosie'.

In 1983, she teamed up with Glenn Jones again for 'Keep On Doin', a cult modern soul duet from Glenn's album 'I Am Somebody' for RCA.

Signing to RCA herself in 1986, she turned further towards mainstream style of music for 'Genobia', including 'All Of My Love' (written / produced by Meli'sa Morgan / Lesette Wilson), 'Blessing In Disguise' and 'Take A Look'.

Other producers on the album included Hubert Eaves, Robert Wright and Wayne Brathwaite.

She has sung background vocals with James 'D Train' Willams.

Genobia Jeter

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Heaven (Savoy Records 1979)

Things 'Have' Got To Get Better (Savoy Records 1981)

Genobia Jeter (Savoy Records 1981)

Genobia (RCA / Ariola International Records 1986)

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