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tamiko jones

Tamiko Jones

b. Barbara Tamiko Ferguson, 1945, Kyle, West Virginia, U.S.A.

Born in 1945 in West Virginia, Tamiko Jones started out as a jazz singer during the early '60's.

She was, originally, called Timiko when she began her recording career on the Checker label in 1963, recording the song 'Is It A Sin?'.

By 1964, 'Timiko' had become 'Tamiko' and she then relocated to the Atco imprint releasing the song 'Rhapsody'.

Moving to the Golden World label in July 1966, she recorded the song 'I'm Spellbound' b/w 'Am I Glad Now', a tune penned by Redd / McCoy / Crosby.

She released several singles for the Atlantic imprint during 1967, including 'Boy You're Growing On Me'.

Tamiko & Herbie Mann tamiko and herbie mann

She also sang with Herbie Mann during her career, recording the album 'A Mann And A Woman', which was recorded in Rio De Jameiro, and worked as a producer with Solomon Burke.

I'll Be Anything For You i'll be anything for you 1968

Tamiko released the album 'I'll Be Anything For You' in 1968 on the Creed Taylor A & M imprint, along with the single 'Goodnight My Love' for the same label.

The album featured Bernard Purdie and Richard Tee amongst others.

Tamiko LP Cover

That year she released a self titled album for the December label featuring the single 'Someone To Light Up My Life' b/w 'Where Do I Go From Here'.

'I'm The Woman Behind The Man' was later released for the 20th Century label.

Tamiko later re-recorded the title song for the U.K. Contempo label (a label owned by John Abbey to whom she was married at the time).

In 1975, she released 'Just You And Me' b/w 'Read Me Right' for the Arista label.

She then signed to the Arista imprint where she recorded her version of Stevie Wonder's 'Creepin'.

Tamiko then had a U.S. hit with the late Johnny Bristol's song, 'Touch Me Baby' in 1975.

Love TripTamiko Jones

The same year, Tamiko released the album 'Love Trip' for the Arista Imprint.

The following year, she released the dancer 'Let It Flow', which was written by the artist Tommy Stewart (famous for the song 'Bump And Hustle Music').

The song was previously released as a T.K. Disco 12" single, which was mixed by Tom Moulton.

In 1979, Tamiko went on to record the disco classic, 'Can't Live Without Your Love'.

The song was written and arranged by Randy Muller (of Brass Construction).

In 1986, Tamiko re-recorded the Marvin Gaye / Leon Ware hit 'I Want You' b/w 'Tamiko's Groove' which was released, in the U.K., on the Detail imprint.

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with Herbie Mann: A Mann & A Woman (A&M Records 1967)

I'll Be Anything For You (A&M Records 1968)

Tamiko (December Records 1968)

In Muscle Shoals (Metromedia Records 1969)

Love Trip (Arista Records 1975)

Cloudy (Contempo Records 1976)

Let It Flow (Contempo Records 1977)

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