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Khemistry comprised of:

Marie Council

Shirl Hayes


Kimus Knight

Out of Washington D.C., this group were famous for just one album, which has become highly sought after on the rare groove scene, mainly for the Modern Soul dancer entitled 'Can You Feel My Love'.

Released on the CBS imprint, and under the wing of producers Willie Lester and Rodney Brown, (and with Executive Production chores undertaken by Larkin Arnold) the trio followed on from the producers previous success with Bobby Thurston and Gayle Adams.

In 1982, Willie & Rodney took the group to CBS who signed them for one album, entitled 'Khemistry', which included the aforementioned track, along with the songs, 'Walking Papers' and 'Whatever It Takes'.

Al Johnson played keyboards, along with Rodney Brown on guitar, on the sessions.

After leaving CBS, Willie Lester and Rodney Brown wrote and produced one single 'I Can't Win For Losing' for their own Mainline label in 1985.

Khemistry khemistry BL 38215 columbia/cbs 1982

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Khemistry (Columbia/CBS Records 1982)

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