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stacy henry and the majestics

Stacy Henry Snr

Stacy Henry Snr 1963

Formed Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

Stacy Henry and the Majestics recorded during the 1960's and 1970's.

The Majestics, featured The Impacts, who comprised of:

Earl Christian

Paul Burnett


Tom Eldridge

These performers were with the original Jarmels, a line-up that was later to include Major Harris.

These four artists, along with Bill Spartelly, completed the line-up of The Impacts.

Major Harris, incidentally, was a member of the Delfonics, additionally.

Bill Spartelly recorded with Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes.

Stacy Henry and the Majestics performed as a back-up band for the likes of Jackie Wilson and the Supremes (see below).

Stacy Henry Jnr Stacy Henry Jnr

Stacy Henry Snr's son is Stacy Henry Jr., the Drummer and Musical Director for The Pointer Sisters.

Below are some images, kindly sent by Stacy Henry Jnr.

The Majestics & The Impacts

The Majestics & The Impacts circa 1966-67
Front left to right: William Spartelly, Major Harris, Earl Christian, Paul Burnett, and Tom Eldridge
Mid left to right: Carlton Robinson, Henderson Squire, Stacy Henry (Band Leader) Bernard Robinson, Walter Robinson
Top left to right: Alvin Brown, Jim Beam, Tommy Lewis, Bruce Stewart

The Majestics

Stacy Henry & The Majestics in 1963 (the original group)
Left to Right: Charles Morris, Stacy Henry (Group Leader), Henderson Squire, Bernard Robinson, Alvin Brown, Carlton Robinson
Top: Robert Price
Note: Bernard and Carlton are brothers… Carlton Robinson age 15…Alvin Brown age 18.

Stacy Henry and the Majestics

Stacy Henry & The Majestics in 1972
Top L-R: Toney Joyner, James Carter, Charles Booker, John Pegram, Bruce Stewart
Bottom L-R: Nat Lee, Nat Nolan, Henderson Squire, Stacy Henry, and Elwood Henderson
Note: Elwood Henderson, and Nat Lee later joined with The Jimmy Castor Bunch…Nat Lee became Evelyn King’s Musical Director.

With Jackie WilsonWith The Supremes

left: Jackie Wilson
Backed by the Majestics in the mid 60’s and...

right: The Supremes
Cindy Birdsong, Mary Wilson, and Jean Terrell

Stacy Henry Snr Stacy Henry Snr 1963

Real Player

Stacy Henry Snr's. Discography:

'Magic Was the Night' (Flippin' Records)

'Jimmy Play A Horn' (Flippin' Records)

'My Heart And I' (Flippin' Records)

'I'm Not Ashamed' (Flippin' Records)

'My Bitter Past' (Turnage Records)

'Through The Lonely Years' (Turnage Records)

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