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Original Group (Left Image)
Front Row: Clement Burnette
Mid left to right: Charles Manns, Alvin Brown, and David Brown
Top left to right: Carlton Robinson, Dwight Smith, and Chauncey Burnette

Ujima were from Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A. and comprised of:

Carlton Robinson (group leader, bass guitar and vocals)

Clement Burnette (lead guitar and vocals)

Dwight Smith (keyboards and vocals)

Chauncey Burnette (drums)

David Brown (guitar)

Alvin Brown (trumpet)

Charles Manns (sax)

later adding

Debra Henry (vocals) in 1973

Ujima formed in 1972.

In 1976 the group changed their name to Anglo Saxon Brown and recorded an album on Atlantic Records entitled 'Songs For Evolution' in 1976.

Anglo Saxon Brown

anglo saxon brown

This line up comprised of:

Debra Henry (lead vocals)

Clement Burnette (guitar and vocals)

Carlton Robinson (bass guitar and vocals)

Dwight Smith (keyboards and vocals)

Alvin Brown (trumpet)

Charles Manns (sax)

Anthony Ingram (guitar)

and Tyrone Durham (drums)

In 1978 the group changed their name to Silk.

Silk silk

Silk recorded an album on Philadelphia International label entitled 'Midnight Dancer' in 1979.

This line up comprised of:

Debra Henry (lead vocals)

Clement Burnette (guitar and vocals)

Melvin Watson (bass guitar and vocals)

Dwight Smith (keyboards and vocals)

Alvin Brown (trumpet)

Charles Manns (sax)

Tyrone Durham (drums).

Very many thanks to Stacy Henry, Drummer and Musical Director for the Pointer Sisters for the information on this page.

Alvin Brown, and Carlton Robinson 1947-1987are Stacy's uncles.

They were part of Stacy Henry and The Majestics (who recorded for Flippin Records) from the mid- 60's to the early 70ís in Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

The singing group featured with Stacy Henry and The Majestics were The Impacts whose line-up featured Major Harris, Bill Spartelly and Paul Burnett.

Tom Eldridge, Earl Christian, Major Harris and Paul Burnett were also featured in the line-up of The Jarmels.

below is a biography of Ujima kindly provided by Stacy Henry, along with some current weblinks:

Formed in Richmond Virginia, 1971 under the name The Brother Love.

The original members of the group derived from four historical bands of the Richmond area.

Carlton Robinson (bandleader) and Alvin Brown of 'Stacy Henry & The Majestics', Clement Burnette of 'The Harmonizing Four', Charles Manns and Dwight Smith of 'Evaluated Sounds for People', David Brown and Chauncey Burnette of 'The Burning Bush'.

The band soon became the new buzz of the city, sparking the interest of Nick Colleran and Eric Johnson, owners/producers of Alpha Audio Recording Studios in Richmond Virginia.

This new relationship launched the groupís early recording career, resulting in being signed with Epic Records, thus changing the groupís name to Ujima.

In 1973, Epic Records released the groupís first single, 'IíM GETTIN HIP' (To Your Ways & Actions) written by keyboardist, Dwight Smith, putting them on the Billboard and Cash Box R & B charts.

Soon followed in January 1974 with 'SHEíS GONE', written by Daryl Hall and John Oates, and the 'BĒ side, ďSOMEBODY TELL THAT GIRL THAT I'M GONE'.

Later that same year, Ujima added vocalist, Debra Henry, who made way for more recording options, as well as the demanding sound of female vocals of the mid 70ís.

This new added element soon brought on the recording of 'A SHOULDER TO LEAN ON' written by Phil Hurtt and Anthony Bell, released by Epic Records April 15, 1975.

The 'B' side of that recording, 'IíM NOT READY', written by guitarist, David Brown became an airplay and club hit known as northern soul, of Europe, in the late 90ís ≠ present, making this Ujima record a hot commodity, selling as high as $600.00 U.S. dollars for the single, in todayís market.

In early 1975 the group recorded two more singles, 'STILL HOOKED ON YOU' written by guitarist David Brown, and 'KEEP ON ROLLING' written by keyboardist Dwight Smith and guitarist Clement Burnette, released late 1975 on Chelsea, and Roxbury Records.

Later that same year, members Chauncey Burnette drums and David Brown guitar, left the band, which brought on board two new members, Tyrone Durham on drums and Anthony Ingram on guitar.

The year 1976 came with new writers/producers, Joseph B. Jefferson and Charles B Simmons, of The Spinners fame, a new sound, and subsequently changing their name to Anglo Saxon-Brown.

Later that year the band recorded an LP, 'Songs For Evolution' including tracks, 'Gonna Make You Mine', 'Straighten It Out', 'ASB Theme', 'Grizzly', 'Disco Music', 'The Man I Love', 'Call on Me', 'I'll Keep Lovin' You' released on Atlantic Records, also making the Billboard R & B charts.

In early 1978 Carlton Robinson- bassist/bandleader and Anthony Ingram - guitar left the group to form the new version of Ujima, consequently, Anglo Saxon Brown adding bassist Melvin Watson to the groupís line up.

In late 1978 the group changed their name once more to 'Silk', sometimes confused with vocal trio Silk (Marlena Jeter, Maxi Anderson and Gwen Machu), a top background vocal session trio from Los Angeles who recorded an RCA album 'Smooth As Silk' (1977).

Still with Joseph B. Jefferson and Charles B. Simmons, the group Silk recorded an LP, 'Midnight Dancer', in 1979 that was released on Philadelphia International Records, and this album too, yielded the minor hit 'I Can't Stop Turning You On' also charting on Billboard.

Today, most all of the recordings from Ujima, Anglo Saxon-Brown, and Silk, can be found online as rare northern soul collectorís items.

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Hip To Your Ways (Epic Records 1973)

Iím Not Ready (Epic Records 1973)

Sheís Gone (Epic Records 1974)

A Shoulder To Lean On (Epic Records 1975)

Somebody Tell That Girl That I'm Gone (Epic Records 1975)

Keep On Rolling (Chelsea Records 1976)

Still Hooked On You (Chelsea Records 1976)

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